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How often have you experienced bouts of sadness. Very commonly. Isn’t it?

However, a depressive disorder is different from just normal sadness that comes from any disappointment or sorrow in our day to day life. The word disorder means an abnormal physical or mental condition. Depression unlike sadness, creeps up on you quietly. In the very beginning you struggle with the little things, thinking it would resolve on it’s own. You choose to ignore it. Just like a bad headache. You talk to trick your brain that it is  temporary and this shall pass. It is just another bad day. However, things turn more complicated with ignorance. They don’t resolve on their own. Depression keep on building up slowly to leave you mentally paralyzed. You are unable to convince yourselves that this will get better gradually. You get used to putting on a social mask and continue to live with this condition without finding a respite.

Patients suffering from a depressive disorder or depression are in a longer state of sadness than normal. Your routine activities gets disrupted. Remember, Depression is a mental illness. Many people think that depression just means a person is very sad. However, depression causes many symptoms in the body as well as mood fluctuations and extreme adverse reactions. So, today we shall learn about some of the Depression symptoms.

Look around, we have grown so competitive and constantly thriving to stand out of the crowd, which is good but in this process, we have become a little less sensitive to our-self and the people around us. For someone suffering from Depression, nothing pleases them or motivates them and they don’t want to do anything. You begin to shun ever activity that you enjoyed earlier.You struggle to put on a mask every day and it gradually begins to affect you more. You also withdraw yourself from meeting friends and families, sometimes completely shutting them out.

The satisfaction is gone. The little things that used to bring you joy look worthless.The easiest of tasks looks mammothly and painful. Now, all these feelings of helplessness make you feel trapped in a vicious circle and you are very clear nothing would help you.This is Depression.

Some people think that sadness and depression is the same thing but it’s very different from each other. Depression can not be defined as just sadness.

Depression is that constant weight that you feel everyday.’

While sadness is a palpable feeling, depression can make you feel empty, like nothing at all. Depression and sadness can sometimes look alike in nature. However, it’s easier to talk about what’s making us sad, depression cannot be easily explained and can leave you clueless in tears.

Where does Depression stem from?

Everyone is bound to experience sadness at some point of time in their lives. You will feel sad but then you will feel better. Sadness is usually situational whether you have scored poorly in a test, maybe a spouse/friend betrayed you, work related stress or losses, grieving the death of a loved one etc. When it stays with you for long and doesn’t seem to get better, you maybe suffering from Depression.Depression is not just a feeling sad.

It is a feeling of numbness. A sense of nothingness. A mental Illness that needs to be treated.

Depression Symptoms

So let me share some of the signs and symptoms of Depression that you can easily notice. Remember, this needs to be discussed so that you can easily overcome the feelings associated with depression and lead a happy life.

Feeling low

if you experience a low feeling that refuses to go on it’s own, it may be a sign of Depression. If the feeling of being perpetually sad lasts for about four weeks or more without any sign of improvement or you feeling better then it could be your warning sign.


Someone with depression also exhibits signs of irritability. Being just sad is not the only sign of depression. If you find yourself being irritable most of the time, you should get it checked.

Changes in behavior

Changes in behavior is one of the most common symptom related with Depression. If you have suddenly stopped caring about how you look when you go to work. You just put on anything you can grab your hands on which was not the case earlier. If you feel disinterested in things you enjoyed the most earlier, then it could be a warning sign of Depression.

Changes in routine  

If you have trouble doing daily chores and you wake up cursing the day. If you feel lethargic enough to skip your daily routine rituals like brushing your teeth or washing or combing your hair, then it could be a sign that you are depressed.

Sudden weight loss or gain

If you have noticed any loss or increase in your weight without any significant illness, do get it checked. Any gain and loss of body mass should be monitored. Suddenly changes could mean you are a prey to depression.

Suicidal thoughts

This is the most common symptom reported by patients suffering from depression. If the thoughts of ending your life frequently bugs you. It could mean you are depressed. Please do not take this lightly and try to confide in any person you trust the most. If you see anyone around you feeling helpless and suicidal, please talk to them and consider counselling.

Inability to concentrate

Have you experienced difficulty concentrating on everything around? It maybe your office work or daily household chores. If you notice lack of concentration and if this lasts for more than two weeks, it could mean you are suffering from Depression.

Home Remedies to battle out Depression


Exercise, in general can elevate mood and helps fight depression. It alters the mood-regulating brain chemicals namely Norepinephrine and Serotonin. These happy chemicals can uplift your mood. So, including any form of exercise be it regular brisk walking, running, cycling, weightlifting or rope jumping is helpful in fighting depression.

Infact lack of sleep can also decrease the production of serotonin which in turn boosts depression. Aim at getting at least 8 hours of sleep every day and try sleeping and waking up at the same time every day religiously. Sleeping and waking at the same time helps the body follow an internal pattern which can in turn help cure depression.

Walnuts and Almonds 

Walnuts are rich in calcium and magnesium and iron etc. Walnuts are a rich source of phytochemicals as well as a high amount of polyunsaturated fats which has potential benefits for brain health and function. Also, Almonds are rich source of proteins and vitamin E etc. Consuming it on a regular basis every morning empty stomach can help treat depression.


Spinach is commonly used in our daily diet and this super food contains folic acid. The lack of folic acid is one of the major causes of depressive feelings. Women usually suffer from the deficiency of it. This can trigger problems of depression in women commonly. So, include this regularly in your diet. You can take spinach in any form or Spinach juice to help you cure the problems associated with Depression.

Rose Petals

Rose is a beauty! Isn’t it? Yes, this can be used as a home remedy for  treating depression too. You can take a few petals and put it in boiling water. The fragrance is know for alleviating the mood. It is easy to try and you can do it  almost every day. For this purpose, you can also use essential oils or rose fragrance candles to induce an aromatic environment in the house. This can definitely help reduce your depression symptoms with time.

Green Tea

Sipping green tea reduces your risk for depression because it has so many antioxidants and amino acids. You can have 2 to 3 cups of green tea every day to help lift your mood and your overall health as well.

Baking soda with Ginger 

You can add 1/3rd cup of baking soda with 1/3rd cup grated ginger. Add this to a warm bath.Now, soak yourself in the tub for 15-20 minutes to relieve all the stress and combat depression.


Cardamom is a delicious spice used as a daily ingredient which can help you immensely if you are suffering from depression. Cardamom basically gives a soothing feel to the brain cells and helps cure depression.

Cardamom can be crushed and it can be consumed with warm milk daily. Cardamom oil can also be used for body massage which can relieve stress. If time doesn’t permit for a body massage then just add drops of this oil to the bath water and soak yourself regularly for 20 mins. The aroma fills the mind with pleasure and helps uplift your mood. This can help fight depression.


Nutmeg is a brain tonic and helps in stimulating the brain. Nutmeg helps to eliminate stress, anxiety, fatigue and laziness. It alleviates the mood instantly. It is known among the best home remedy for depression and managing anger. You can use Nutmeg powder by mixing it with gooseberry juice. Do not consume it with hot water. Nutmeg can be consumed twice a day for calming the mind and relieving depression.

Note: Do not take raw nutmeg or as a powder directly because it may cause adverse side effects.


Saffron is high in carotenoids and vitamins. It is best for those who want to  cure depression. The level of serotonin and other nutrients will stimulate the brain instantly. Recent studies have proved that consuming saffron with milk helps in relieving stress.

For this purpose, you can also use Infused saffron oil for a body massage followed by a hot water bath. This will relieves the stress build up in your body.


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