Weak Eyesight? Treat it with these Easy Home Remedies

Weak Eyesight

Our Eyes are the most beautiful part of our body.

You can see the world, various colors through the eyes. When a child is born, they see their entire surroundings by the help of their eyes. This vital sensory organ helps you see the magnificent nature, birds, wildlife and hence, it helps build memories for you.

You are also able to collect these memories because you can see, click beautiful and amazing pictures inside like a camera and this small camera is — “our beautiful eye.”

It is very harsh for those who don’t see the surroundings with clear vision. They mostly sit back at one place and imagine the world within. For vision correction, there are many options like LASIK SURGERY but they are not natural and won’t guarantee you a fixed solution.

Eyes Test

These days even young children face vision problems. For instance, they can’t study comfortably or concentrate for longer periods of time. A strain on the eyes, watery eyes, burning sensation is a significant problem these days and all these problems aggravate with time and give rise to poor vision.

However, by following some easy home remedies and dietary changes you can keep contact lenses and eyeglasses at bay. Here are some ways to strengthen your eyesight.

How can we improve our eyesight naturally?


AMLA (Gooseberries) – Amla is the perfect fruit for our eyes. You can use this in a salad or boil it have it regularly. You can also add it in your juices like apple juice, grapes juice, etc. As Amla contains high dosages of Vitamin C and is also low in saturated Fats, it is a miracle fruit for our eyes. Apart from this, it also contains a good amount of Calcium, Phosphorus, Iron, Carotene, Vitamin B Complex, Protein, Carbohydrates, Cholesterol, and Sodium, making it excellent for health. Try this magic fruit empty stomach every morning.


ALMONDS, BLACK PEPPER & HONEY – Soak almonds overnight and peel it off in the morning. Take 4-5 Almonds, 2- 4 black pepper and mix honey in it according to your taste. Take this mixture every early morning and enjoy this with little warm milk in the empty stomach. Do it for a month and then you will see the changes in your eyesight. Do check the result. This is one of the easiest ways to improve your eyesight.


CARROTS – It is very effective for eyesight because carrot has beta-carotene. You can include it in your salad, vegetables and also juice it. Consuming carrots in any form is a very effective remedy for a better vision.


COW GHEE & MILK – In the evening or at bed time, cow ghee is very effective not only in improving eyesight but also in treating insomnia, hypertension and many other diseases. Put one small spoon of cow ghee in one glass of hot milk and drink. It is effective for old age people, young children and both male and female.

ROSEWATER – It is a very soothing and relaxing remedy for the eyes. Take a cotton swab and pour some rosewater in it. Make it completely wet and apply it to your eyes. It helps to relax the eyes and improves vision too.

AMLA, HARAR & BAHERA(Terminalia bellirica)

It is an ancient remedy in Ayurveda. Thee herbs can help better your vision in a month. Boil Amla, Harar & Bhera (Triphala) in a big jar and then filter the solution and you can keep it for 3-4 days also. With the remains rinse eyes with gandusha process. Gandusha process is like filling normal water in your mouth where your mouth fully blows up like a balloon and during this process, rinse your eyes. Don’t let water out from your mouth until you have rinsed your eyes properly. Do it regularly 3- 4 times in the morning once a day. If you do it regularly 3- 4 weeks, you can see the amazing results.


ACUPRESSURE – Take cow ghee and put little cow ghee in the middle between two eyebrows. After that, close your eyes and give pressure between eyebrows. Do it regularly at night for 7-8 minutes.

Additional Tip: Take some Cow ghee and massage in a circular motion in right and left thumb. Do it every night for 5 minutes.
Follow the above natural remedies to improve your eye-sight and avid the pain of surgeries.


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