Migraine — Symptoms & Home Remedies

Migraine Home Remedies

Deal With Stress to combat the harrowing pain of ‘Migraine’

Brief Insight Migraine:


It is a disorder wherein a person experiences extreme and intense pain in their forehead, generally throbbing in nature. This debilitating headache usually affects one half of the head sometimes and due to its severity and pulsating nature it may continue up-to 48 or 72 hours.


It is a neurological condition and  common symptoms may include;

Nausea feeling, fullness, numbness or tingling sensation in the body, sensitivity to light, smell and  sound and over all malaise feeling.

Who gets affected:

Migraines often run in families so to some extent we can say it maybe genetic and affect all ages and can also begin in childhood . In general, women folk are more likely to suffer from migraines. So, if there is someone in your family with this ailment. Chances are you are at a high risk to acquire this troublesome condition.


It is generally neutral in nature. The triggers can be Environmental — excess heat, sunlight, prolonged travel hours, any changes in weather conditions.

Dietary Fault — Not having breakfast on time, consumption of heavy oily food items and binging on chocolates, having fermented foods, cold drinks, white flour. These days consuming food that is high in MSG (Mono-sodium glutamate)

Phases of a Migraine:

Prodome phase – This occurs hours or days before a headache. Watch for symptoms like changes in your mood, feeling dizzy, lonely, depressed, sensitivity to sunlight, sound or smell of any kind, general fatigue, stiffness in muscles (especially in the neck and back), feeling constipated with or without diarrhea

Aura phase  – This progression is gradual in nature and in general, lasts less than 60 minutes. Watch out for symptoms like vision disturbances, flickering eyelids, blurring vision or if you can see some lines like structure, bright spots, and shapes.

A feeling of numbness or tingling sensation like being needled rises on one side in the hand and arm and spreads slowly to the face and nose area on the same side. It may also include speech or language disturbance and a feeling of head spin.

Pain phase – This is the debilitating pain phase that one can feel around their neck area along with stiffness in the muscles and causes symptoms like vomiting, nausea, sensitivity to smell of food, light and noise. Sometimes, it may also cause diarrhea and indigestion.

Postdrome phase –  This phase varies from person to person. In general the feeling of  depression, weakness,  mood swings and overall malaise. While others do not experience any aftereffects post the attack.


Dealing with this intense pain is a challenge for most of the people. It begins with changing your diet and lifestyle habits.Following are some home remedies to help you feel better.

Drink enough water

Drink water

Lack of water causes dehydration and in turn causes a headache. so, make it a point to consume enough water. 8-10 glasses daily.

Eat full meals

Eat full meals

Do not skip breakfast or do not eat Junk. Try and have balanced meals and avoid being the empty stomach. Fibrous food will also help keep the gut smooth and healthy.



Have it only if it suits you and doesn’t cause indigestion and bloating



Yes, this is certainly a miracle cure. Boil some ginger root and add few drops of lemon and sip it slowly to relieve the symptoms.

Sip on herbal tea

Sip on herbal tea

Like Green tea, peppermint, lavender, chamomile to ease the pain. You can also add cinnamon for more benefit.

Fruits & vegetables

Fruits & vegetables

Have all kinds of fruits like oranges, grapes, pomegranate, berries, kiwis. Eat green fresh salads in small portions. Try not to skip the food.



Mix clove oil with coconut oil and sea salt and massage your forehead and neck with it till the pain subsides. In general, massages will help increase the blood flow and relieve the symptoms of pain. Try and lie down in a dark room, if you are sensitive to light.

Warm shower

Warm shower

This will reduce exhaustion and help you feel relaxed and relieve the pain. 


Acupressure Meditation

This is applying pressure on the spot between your thumb and index finger. Gently increase the pressure and repeat the procedure until your pain subsides. This is also extremely beneficial for overall fitness.



A small nap or sleep can relax your body and mind and there is no substitute for a good sleep. Do not be a night owl.



Deep breathing should be practiced daily morning & night. Follow Vipassana meditation and Brahmri Pranayam for better results.

Do wear sunglasses when you step outside in sunlight, if you are sensitive to it

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